About Us

Philadelphia Children’s Crisis Response Center (PCCRC) is designed to help young people who are experiencing acute mental or behavioral healthcare struggles.

Who We Serve

The center serves children and adolescents, ages 3-17.

Examples of issues and challenges that may bring a young person to PCCRC include the following:

  • Severe behavioral disturbances
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Increased aggression and/or impulsivity
  • Worsening anxiety, depression, or other emotional problems

How We Can Help

When you bring your son or daughter to PCCRC, we will conduct a thorough assessment to ensure that we can identify your child’s needs and determine the most effective level of care.

During this process, you and your child will meet with a crisis triage counselor, a nurse or clinical social worker, and a psychiatrist.

Depending upon the results of this assessment, we may recommend the following services:

  • Therapeutic stabilization – If an immediate therapeutic intervention will enable your child to achieve stability, we can provide this service, and develop a crisis plan to ensure that your family is connected with the community-based support services that you need.
  • Admission into our on-site Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) – This option is for young people who can benefit from an intensive, short-term, coordinated treatment experience. CSU features include around-the-clock supervision and individual, group, and family therapy. Typical length of stay is three to five days.
  • Referral to appropriate level of care – If your son or daughter is stable and does not require around-the-clock care, we can refer you to community-based services. For young people whose needs merit hospitalization, we can arrange a direct transfer to a local treatment facility.
  • Crisis/aftercare planning – If your son or daughter receives therapeutic stabilization or is admitted into our CSU, we will develop a detailed plan to connect you with the resources that will support your child’s continued recovery after he has completed his or her time in our care.

Get Answers Today

Philadelphia Children’s Crisis Response Center is located at 3300 Henry Avenue, Falls Center 2, Suite 3N, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are able to evaluate walk-in patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We may also be contacted by phone at any time, day or night. For more information, please call (844) 211-4652.

Philadelphia Children’s Crisis Response Center is a service of Belmont Behavioral Health System, in partnership with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the city of Philadelphia. To learn more about the services offered by Belmont Behavioral Health System, visit www.belmontbehavioral.com.